The Art of New Beginnings

Book & Book Club


The Book

A crisis can and will break most people. Yet, it can also be an open door to finding out exactly who and what you are made of. Walking a desolate street with just the clothes on her back, Marjorie cried and laughed as she finds herself homeless and penniless. Just 24-hours ago life was different as a stay-at-home mom, in the comfort of her beautiful home. As traumatic as spending the night in jail was for her, she had no idea that was not the worse to lie ahead for her. Everything that once gave her security was ripped away, even the most precious and valuable. This story takes us on her 15 month journey of self discovery to answering the question, “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?”


"Thought-provoking."~Amazon Customer

"A must read for all women."~C. Jones

"A gripping story of escape."~Amy Bridges

Book Club Experience

Through this book club Marjorie takes you on her personal journey, but also your own journey of self reflection. Transformation happens when key questions are asked, but what makes this book club unique is the aspect of art and healing Marjorie incorporates. She uses various forms of art, and she has been using this tool in her retreats and circles. Her hope is the with the integration of these exercises it will help you go even deeper in your own journey of self-discovery. 

through her story marjorie will help you,

  • Transform old wounds and stories. 
  • Discover any stagnant energy.
  • Identify the mask you wear to hide your pain and true self.
  • Learn to listen and trust yourself again.