The Art of New Beginnings

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creative safe space


This creativity process is designed to support individuals in their life’s journey. My hope is that the integration of these tools in your everyday life will help you listen inward, discover your voice, heal old stories, and create a new story.

We focus on the power of insight and imagination to challenge our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and our lives. Through your participation and co-creative capacity I want to bring you into the experience of tapping into your feeling and knowing to do

something about it. 

I want to offer a process that is simple and effective by using every element of art: color,

shapes, image, the use of textural: outdoor and indoor, depending on the creative focus.

the art of new beginnings


Receive 1 on 1 guidance to help you move from seeing yourself through your experience, but seeing who you are with the eyes of God. 

Marjorie will help you go deep beyond your circumstances-the pain, shame and old stories using the power of creative expression and mindful practice through paint, clay, writing, drawing, and movement helping you CREATE the life you want. 

Experience is not what happens to us, it's what we do when something happens to us.